Ready to Revive Your Relationship With Yourself?

Learn how to ditch the self-defeating thoughts and habits & nurture the mental environment for self-love to flourish.

We bet you're a bit like us.

You want to have it all.

You want loving, supportive relationships.

You want a fulfilling career/business.

You want fun, joy, and wonder in your everyday life.

You want to grow into your potential and confidently pursue your big dreams & goals. 

But every time you start to let yourself dream that big dream, that little voice inside your head is there to remind you of all the reasons why it’ll never happen.

Do these thoughts sound familiar?

“I’ll never have the life I want.”

“It’s just like they all said; I won’t ever amount to anything.”

“My life is like this because that’s just the way it is. I can’t do anything about it.”

“I’m not smart enough to build a business.”
“I don’t deserve success.”

You are not alone

You were born to love yourself

The negative self-talk and replaying all the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s pushes your further away from your natural-born love for yourself. 

It’s never-ending! We know this because we’ve been there. The struggle to love, accept, and nurture yourself is real.

But don’t worry!

While this is a very real problem, it’s also something you can fix! You can turn that negative self-talk around and experience the radical self-love that you crave.

Imagine the Possibility

What if I told you there was a better way?

You came into this world knowing that you’re a boss. Somewhere along the way, your failures and mistakes convinced you otherwise.

Imagine if you could feel that way again. Having the confidence to take on any challenge. Having the systems in place that nurture your mind so that your thoughts are pushing you forward instead of dragging you down.

It’s all possible for you when you do the work to return to self-love.

Your life before the course:

Your life after the course:

Self-Love Reboot is a proven process for reconnecting to yourself, honing your ability to effectively reframe negative thoughts, and transforming your habits to nurture the mental environment for self-love to flourish.

The Curriculum

What You'll Learn

In this mini-course, you will identify those self-sabotaging thoughts that are keeping you from fully loving yourself and living the life you deserve. You’ll learn how to do the inner work that it takes to truly return to loving yourself fully and unconditionally.

Lesson 1

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Runtime: 13:27

Lesson 2

The Importance of Introspection

Runtime: 8:54

Lesson 3

Cultivating A Growth Mindset

Runtime: 6:12

Lesson 4

Boundary Basics

Runtime: 9:55

Lesson 5

Rebuilding Self-Efficacy

Runtime: 6:26

Lesson 6

Passion & Purpose

Runtime: 9:48

Lesson 7

Self-Care Your Way To Success

Runtime: 12:02

Lesson 8

Changing Your Thoughts

Runtime: 7:38


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Downloadable Lesson Recaps

Each lesson includes a downloadable lesson recap sheet with the top tips, next steps, and resources to help you implement what you learn. With the lesson recaps at your fingertips you can easily refer back to the Self-Love Reboot tools.


Affirmation reflections journal

Inside the Affirmation Reflections Journal, you’ll find eight affirmation reflections with statements that reinforce your new mindsets around self-love. Each section also includes self-reflection questions and space for you to journal about your thoughts and feeling around the affirmations.


Instant and lifetime access

You get instant access to the mini-course so you can binge all eight lessons in one sitting… or you can watch one lesson a day so you have time to reflect and ponder in between… whatever works best for you. With lifetime access to the course materials, you can also refer back to the lessons any time you need a refresher.

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You may be wondering why the price is so low. Yes, we could’ve priced this at $297 like many of the competitor courses that we’ve seen on the market. But we intentionally priced this mini-course at an affordable investment because we care about accessibility.

We want to get this into the hands of as many people as possible so that you can experience the transformation that happens when you love yourself unconditionally. Because when you truly love yourself, you have the confidence to accomplish anything

The first half of 2020 has been a bit crazy, to say the least.

This is our way of giving back and helping you recalibrate and step into the rest of this year and beyond with the self-love you need to tackle your challenges and make what matters happen.

Don’t wait another minute to get started on this life-changing path. NOW is your time. Let’s do this!

Self-Love Reboot is a new offer, but carin and marcia aren't new to helping people do this work 😉

“What I loved most about Carin’s audio training was the simplicity of the recording, yet the fact that it was invaluable and packed full of fantastic advice. These were simple steps that I really should have thought of myself, but it took listening to Carin’s training for me to form them into a cohesive plan that I can easily carry out. She was able to bring these simple steps into my awareness so that I can make them happen..”

Lisa Nicholls

“Carin helped me overcome some hurdles by pinpointing the best tactics and action steps, which I immediately used. She’s thoughtful and genuine and provides the right amount of accountability – just what I needed to make positive changes in my daily life. Thanks Carin!.”

Cynthia Fung

“At first I wondered how boundaries could be a full blown workshop but just grazing the top it really is a subject area that is necessary for sure. I loved Marcia’s resource guide and the quick start will be handy and it looks nice as well. The FB group ‘container’ is great, a nice way to be able to let things out so that they are heard within a safe bubble.”

Jill Perla

You can Trust That We truly care about your results

There Are No Refunds

Due to the accessible price of this mini-course, we are not offering any refunds. We know it can be scary to invest in yourself like this. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. We truly care about your results and know that you will be 100% satisfied with the Self-Love Reboot mini-course. We also love hearing from you so you can always reach out to us with your feedback via email to [email protected].

Is the Self-Love Reboot for me?

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Meet Your Mentors

Carin Kilby Clark, Certified JRNI Life Coach

Hi there! I’m Carin [pronounced like Karen]. I’m a Certified JRNI Life Coach, mom of three, and a multi-passionate entrepreneur. I started my first business, an administrative consulting firm, on 12/12/12. In the process of creating content for my business I rediscovered my love for writing and in 2013 I pivoted to a professional blog. Over the years, as my blog audience grew and the questions they were asking me shifted to things like “How do you do it all?” and “How do you stay happy?”, that led me to explore life coaching. In 2018, I completed both my JRNI Life Coaching Certification and a Conquer Business Coaching Program. All of that has brought to where I am now – coaching entrepreneurial women as a Momentum Coach for Side Hustling Entrepreneurs. While I have been featured everywhere from the Los Angeles Business to HuffPost, ABC, Thrive Global and How to Learn, what drives me the most is supporting women in their pursuit of more intention, focus, and success in their lives.

Marcia Sheehan, Self-Empowerment Specialist

Hi my name is Marcia and I’m a serial heart-centered entrepreneur. I got my start online blogging as a means to help navigate becoming sober in 2013. My first official business was a fashion accessory. An unnatural obsession with that business mirrored how other women I networked with were handling their personal and professional lives. In 2015 I created a self-care society to encourage women to reconnect to their true selves {not her identity as the biz owner, wife, mom, sis, team parent etc} through self-prioritization. In 2018 I began organizing and facilitating the annual Connector Conference {our third one is September 25, 2020}. In the summer of 2019 I launched a self-care staycation business called HerHideaways with a friend who is a real estate investor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Self-Love Reboot is an asynchronous mini-course. This means that all of the video content is pre-recorded and loaded into the course dashboard. Once you complete a lesson, the next lesson will unlock. You can binge watch all eight video lessons in one sitting or you can watch one lesson a day or one a week. Bottom line: You can go through all of the content at whatever pace you’d like. 🤓

Yes, you get instant and lifetime access to the course materials. This means you can refer back to any or all of the lessons any time you’d like. You also get free access to updates any time we add new tools or make any changes to the course materials.

While we did some market research to see what courses are out there about self-love, we haven’t taken any of those courses so can’t speak on their content. We know that we’ve distilled our combined 20+ years of personal development and self-growth experience into a course that has us beaming with pride. You can trust that this course was created with intention and love by two people who truly care about your results. 💚

We know buyer’s remorse sucks and that’s why we’ve poured so much care into this sales page. We’ve provided you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. You will receive everything that we’ve promised on this page so we’re confident in saying you are guaranteed to LOVE it!

Due to the accessible price of this mini-course, we are not offering any refunds. We know it can be scary to invest in yourself like this. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. We truly care about your results and know that you will be 100% satisfied with the Self-Love Reboot mini-course. 

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