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What You'll Learn:


Get Clarity on Your Business’s Grand Vision

You wouldn’t plan a road trip without a destination right? Same goes for being in business. We aren’t business plan type guides but we do want you to leave this challenge with crystal clarity on the BIG picture for your business. That’s what we’ll help you map out.


Firing on All Cylinders?

When heading out on any type of journey you want to make sure you feel strong, confident, and have what you need to navigate ANY road bumps. 

Full tank✅ Service check✅ Energetic playlist✅  Fun friend riding shotgun✅ 

Some of the best assets we have in our businesses are the systems we create, the tools we use, and the biz buddies we keep in our corner. We’ll perform checks and balances to ensure that your journey doesn’t result in you overheating on the side of the road.


Alternate Routes

Just like getting to your road trip destination there are many ways you can get to your business’s BIG vision. We’ll help you to plot out different routes and remind you that the only thing you need to make it there is tenacity. 

It’s GO time!

Join the 5-Day Momentum Map Challenge

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Your Challenge Guides

Hi there!👋 We’re Carin Kilby Clark (L) and Marcia Sheehan (R) and we’ll be your guides for this momentum map journey.

Between the two of us we have a combined 20+ years of self-growth and personal development work. We’re both also moms who are serial entrepreneurs that run multiple businesses. 

Our goal for this challenge is to support you in determining your domino, getting clear on what matters, and taking the focused action that will give your business forward momentum.

Join us to get access to the same tools we use to make things happen and achieve our business goals.

Here's The Deets:

Starts November 16

The 5-day challenge begins on Monday, November 16 and goes through Friday, November 20.

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Each day you’ll receive the link to that day’s challenge activities directly to your email inbox.

Live Q&A Office Hour

Each day at 12 Noon we’ll go live on our Facebook page to expand on the lesson and answer your questions.

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